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Gerber Photo Search

What is the Gerber PHOTO SEARCH? A better question is—when does the Gerber baby contest start?

The Photo Search is the biggest and most anticipate free baby contest that the Gerber products company run each year since 2010.

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When is Gerber baby contest 2018?

The Gerber Photo Search usually start sometime in the fall and in the past Gerber photo search winners are announced at the beginning sometime in January of the following year.

For Gerber photo search 2018, you'll have to wait for the announcement make sometime in the fall of 2018. We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter so we will remind you how to enter Gerber baby contest 2018 when it launches.

It's important to keep up to date with the Gerber photo contest 2018 if you want to participate. Beside knowing when it starts, you also need to know entry rules—as it changes almost every year.

A good example is the 2017 Gerber photo search rules completely changed that year.

Gerber baby contest 2017 entry was a game changer. Gerber baby contest sign up for the first time you can actually upload your baby photos to Gerber's website or your public Instagram account with the hashtag #gerberphotosearch2017.


You can also upload for the first time up to a total of 10 photos.

It's also had a theme "Gerber giggles and wiggles", the first this ever happened. Gerber usually don't allow any other subject other then your baby in the photo.

But the Gerber photo contest 2017 allowed you to have your pet dog in the picture.

Gerber baby contest 2017 vote?

No such nothing anymore.

In the past, you can vote and tell your families and friends to vote for your baby. 2017-2018 Gerber baby contest threw that out. Gerber got their on judges to pick out all the Gerber photo search 2017 winners.

Past Gerber baby winners would more based on votes by participants which might have be more fun for the parents. And the grand prize was selected by the judges which also make great sense.

If you're interested then learn more about the Gerber baby contest winners. When the Gerber baby 2018 selected then we will post it on that page too.

What to do in the meantime?

Gerber baby photo contest 2018 might have some more rules changes or stay the same, either ways—it'll still be the biggest baby contest in 2018.

Gerber 2018 contest might be worth waiting for but don't just wait for it. You can enter a baby contest now at one of our highly recommended baby photo contests.

Why not enter other contests while you're waiting on Gerber baby photo search 2018?

Well, even with all the changes to the rules in the past years one thing was consistent was that photos cannot be more than 30 days old of the time of submission.

Most likely 2018 Gerber baby contest entry will be the same.

If you have a cute picture now then you can not hope that Gerber baby contest 2018 entry rules will all sudden drop this consistency since 2010.

Enter contest now

Don't wait.

Your cute baby photos now might be disqualified by that time.

We know you want your baby to the next famous Gerber baby and participating in other contests don't  harm your chance but only increases it.


Well, imagine you and your baby got some good practices and experiences before the actual Gerber contest starts.

You know what great pictures to take. You also know how to get your baby in the mood for some exciting photo shoots. By that time, you will also know how to operate your camera or smart phone's camera even better.

You have way better chance than some other moms or dads down the street.

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Bottom line:

You want to win the Gerber's PHOTO SEARCH baby contest. While 2018 Gerber contest starts sometime in the fall, during this time—take advantage of other available baby photo contests that are currently accepting applications.

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