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The Complete List of the Winners of the Gerber Baby Contest

The Gerber baby contest was a huge success with over 217,000 baby photos submitted and continues on till this very day, now known as the Gerber Photo Search.

Back in 2010, Gerber launched its first annual baby photo contest in honored of the little charcoal baby that's on all the Gerber baby products — the original Gerber baby, Ms. Ann Turner Cook.

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Each year the Gerber baby contest winners received huge cash prizes and with media coverage all over TV and online. We are keeping track of all the Gerber baby PHOTO SEARCH and keep this list of the Gerber baby contest winners updated for you.

You may learn more about each winner in details by clicking on the link "Read more". List start from the present winners to the past winners.

Gerber Baby Contest 2019

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Gerber Baby Contest 2018

2019 Gerber Baby Kairi Yang from Hickory, North Carolina

Grand Prize Winner:Kairi Yang
Location:Hickory, North Carolina
Age:15 months
Parent:Ying Vue & Peter Yang
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 (Cash)

With over 544,000 entries, Kairi Yang took home the title 2019 Gerber Baby. She will the Gerber Spokesbaby for the year.

Learn more how your baby can be the next Gerber baby.

"When we first found out Kairi won, we were speechless and couldn't believe it. We are beyond thrilled that our sweet Kairi is Gerber's 2019 Spokesbaby," said Kairi's mom, Ying Vue.

"As soon as we saw her photo, we fell in love with Kairi's expressive eyes and angelic face, looking toward the future and being excited for all that it holds," said Bill Partyka, President and CEO, Gerber.

Gerber Baby Contest 2017

Grand Prize Winner:Lucas Warren
Location:Dalton, Georgia
Age:18 months
Parent:Cortney & Jason Warren
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 cash
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2017 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

(Six Winners) Giggles and Wiggles:

  • $500 (Cash)
  • 1 year Purina products [(60) $10 coupons]
  • 1 year Gerber products [(60) $10 coupons]
(Six Winners) Best Dressed Baby:

  • $500 (Cash)
  • $250 code to use at Gerber Childrenswear website
  • 1 year Gerber products [(60) $10 coupons]

Gerber Baby Contest 2016

Grand Prize Winner:Riley
Location:Lewis - Center, Ohio
Age:7 months
Parent:Kristen and Devin Shines
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000
  • $1,500 in Gerber Childrenswear
  • opportunity to be feature in Gerber ads
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2016 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • $3,500
  • $750 for Gerber Childrenswear
Milestone Categories:Winners
Birth+:Leo - Rockville, MD
Supported Sitter:Chase - Southport, CT
Sitter:Willow - Wichita, KS
Crawler:Bryce - Mount Holly, NJ
Toddler:Camden - New York, NY
Pre-schooler:Alanys - Humacao, Puerto Rico

Gerber Baby Contest 2015

Grand Prize Winner:Isla
Location:Troy, Michigan
Age:7 months
Parent:Grayson and Rachael
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000
  • $1,500 in Gerber childrenswear
  • Opportunity to be feature in Gerber ads
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2015 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • $3,500
  • $750 for Gerber Childrenswear
Milestone Categories:Winners
Supported Sitter:Drew

Gerber Baby Contest 2014

Grand Prize Winner:Grace
Location:East Petersburg, Pennsylvania
Age:7 months
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 (Cash)
  • $15,450 for Taxes
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2014 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • $5,000 (Cash)
  • $1,500 for Taxes
Milestone Categories:Winners
Supported Sitter:Lilah
Pre-schooler:Chelce Mae

Gerber Baby Contest 2013

Grand Prize Winner:Levi & Paxton Strickland
Location:Wernersville, Pannsylvania
Age:10 months
Parent:Amanda & Matt Strickland
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 (Cash)
  • $15,000 for Taxes

Levi and Paxton is the first and so far the only twin to have won the famous Gerber baby contest. The 2013 Gerber photo search had more than 156,000 entries.

Even though this year we have actually 2 winners but the grand prize is still the same as usual $50,000 plus other prizes as well. They were featured in Gerber's advertisements.

Gerber photo search 2013 was the last one that hosted by Facebook. As the year before parents and guardians would upload their photography of their baby to Gerber's Facebook fan page.

Gerber's panel of judges will select the grand prize winner of the photo contest and milestone winners are to be voted by fans.

2013 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • 32GB Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad Smart Case cover
  • $150 Apple iTunes gift card (total value $1,000)
Milestone Categories:Winners
Birth+:Ava Olejniczak - Hammond, Indiana
Supported Sitter:Kayson Almeida - Attleboro, Massachusetts
Sitter:Olivia Gatewood - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Crawler:Grayson Osmond - Branson, Missouri
Toddler:Justin Ridzon - Lowell, Massachusetts
Pre-schooler:Sully Thompson - Brooklyn, Iowa

Gerber Baby Contest 2012

Grand Prize Winner:Mary Jane Montoya
Location:Fresno, California
Age:8 months
Parent:Sara Montoya
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 (Cash)

"Our baby looks just like the Gerber baby, but we still can't believe the photo of our baby won the Grand Prize!" said Sara Montoya, the mother of Mary Jane who won them the Gerber baby contest. And she continues, "Like parents everywhere, we think our baby is cute, but to have this honor is something we'll cherish for forever. To us, winning $50,000 is like winning a million dollars!"

With 308,000 entered by only one can be the Gerber baby. On November 6, 2012 Gerber announced Mary Jane Montoya from Fresno California their winner of the 2012 Gerber Generation Photo Search.

Here's the quick process of how the contest work at the time. Parents and guardians enter photos of their children by uploading it to Gerber's Facebook page. There are six milestone winners was voted by fans and a panel of Gerber judges picked the grand price winner.

2012 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • $10,000 Gerber Life College Plan
Milestone Categories:Winners
Birth+:Phoenix Molina - Sacramento, California
Supported Sitter:Justin Ridzon - Lowell, Massachusetts
Sitter:Jax Schuster - Lebanon, Indiana
Crawler:Londyn Ridley - Millsboro, Delaware
Toddler:Jaiden Davidson - Petersburg, Virginia
Pre-schooler:Johnathon Cahill - Mastic Beach, New York

Gerber Baby Contest 2011

Grand Prize Winner:Tate Rosendahl
Location:Springfield, MO
Age:11 Months
Parent:Amy and Ron Rosendahl
Grand Prize:
  • $50,000 (Scholarship)

2011 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • Apple IPAD2

Gerber Baby Contest 2010

2010 Gerber Baby - Mercy Townsend

Grand Prize Winner:Mercy Townsend
Location:Toledo, OH
Age:2 years
Parent:Tahisha Williams-Townsend
Grand Prize:
  • $25,000 (Scholarship)

2010 Gerber Baby Contest Runners-Up

Milestone Category Prize:
  • A Flip Slide HD

The Original Gerber Baby Contest 1928

The original Gerber baby drawing and how she looks now.

Grand Prize Winner:Ann Turner
Location:Lewis - Center, Ohio
Age:4 months
Parent:Leslie Turner
Grand Prize:
  • $300
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