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Baby Photo Contest: What Is It, What Are the Prizes, How Does It Work, Are There Online Contests?

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May the cutest baby win!

Are you looking into entering your child in a baby photo contest? You must have a lot of questions. Questions such as the following:

  • Is my baby cute enough to enter a baby contest?
  • Are there contests that I can enter online?
  • I don't want to get scammed by these fake contests, what's a legit contest?
  • Are there any costs or fees to enter these contests?
cutest baby wins

What are baby photo contests?

We're going to answer all your concerns and more.

Let's Start

There are two main types of contests we want to clear out.

  1. First, the contest for photography. It's for the photographer who takes baby photographs or specialize in baby photography.

    These contests are judged based upon the photographer's skills.

  2. Second, the contest for the model. In this case, it's babies. It's about the baby and their parents.

    These contests are judged based upon the cuteness, physical or the characteristic of the baby appearance.

The latter is the type that we will focus and center on through out this article and website.

How these contests work?

It's simple, really...

This is how these contests normally work. A company will sponsor or run the baby contest. They will promote it to get participates. The participates will then submit a photo(s) in hope that the picture they submitted will win.

To win, the photo will be judged by judges or voters.

If the participant wins then the winner will be awarded with cash prizes or other form of awards. An example could be a college fund or baby supplies, etc.

Lets dig deeper into a more advanced question about how these contests work.

How the contest works

What's the catch? Some of these contests are absolutely free.

You can understand the ones that have a registration fee cost because that's how they make money or profits. If not profits then at least get a return.

But how about the free baby contests?

Good question.

As the saying goes, "Nothing in life is free."

While this saying is true, you can still enter without any cost to you.

How does a free contest work?

There are companies that run or sponsor contests that are absolutely free of charge to consumers. The way they do it is very smart. It's a win-win situation.

Take Gerber for example, they run the Gerber baby contest each year since 2010. There was never once a purchase required to enter the contest or any entry fee. How is that possible?

baby photo contest free entry

They do make a return and the returns are more then 10x. It's marketing.

They are saving money on marketing and at the same time they are getting major coverage, huge exposure, and continue building their already well-known brand, Gerber.


There are companies like the Cute Kid where they have free and paid contests. They have the "People Choice" category which is free to enter. You can also with $19.95 registration fee join the "Special Galleries" for a chance to win a $25,000 college tuition.

Baby Photo Competition

Just because you didn't win, doesn't mean that the contest is a scam! There are people out there calling it a scam. But in reality, it's a CONTEST!

Let's put this into a better perspective by calling it a baby photo competition.

Moms competing for baby to win contest.

Starting to get the idea yet?

Yes, baby contests are in reality very competitive. It's an actual competition where you're submitting your photos into a contest where you'll be competing with other proud parents of their own cute little ones.

It's a friendly competition. It doesn't have to be nasty. The competing part is only because there are so many entries.  You vs hundreds of thousands other entries.

Baby photo competition hundreds of thousands of entries.

Normally there is only one grand prize winner so it's not easy to win. The good news is, your chance of winning a baby contest is a lot higher than winning the lottery.

On the bright side:

These competitions are good activities for you and your baby to do together. Looking for a baby activity? Join one of these contests and you got some fun activities with your baby.

Facts are facts. There are scams. We do recommend that you do thorough research when you're looking for legitimate baby photo contests.

How do you enter these baby competitions?

There are many reasons why you might want to enter a baby competition. One reason is the cash prize. It can be $50,000 or as little as $100. If there's no cash prize then it's usually awarded with some other goodies.

There are also opportunities for exposure when seen by baby model scouts. Then there's the Gerber baby contest that tops it all with huge media coverage. Your child will be famous and be the talk of the town.

Of course there are more reasons to enter these contests.

How about...

Now-a-days it's easy to enter these contests thanks to the internet.

Most contests are online making it so much more convenient. These contests have rules and instructions on how to submit your photos. It can be done through the company's website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Each contest is different. The best way to find out is to read the contest rules and instructions for the baby contest that you're planning on entering.

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