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What is the Gerber Baby Contest & What Photos Submitted Won?

What you need to know about the Gerber baby contest.

If you're looking for in-depth information about the Gerber photo contest then you're at the right place.

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The Baby Contest

The first Gerber contest ever held was in 1928 when a charcoal drawing of a 4 months old baby won the heart's of the judges and took the grand prize — became the face for Gerber, the baby food giant.

The original Gerber baby drawing that won the 1928 Gerber contest.

In 2010, inspired by the original Gerber baby — Gerber launched its first annual baby photo contest.

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Unlike the original grand prize of $300 that was won in 1928, the Gerber annual picture SEARCH contest started with a grand prize of $25,000 scholarship then quickly became a $50,000 cash grand prize.

Gerber contest $50,000 cash reward.

The Gerber photo contest is also known as the PHOTO SEARCH.

Each year there are hundreds of thousands of entries from parents all over the United States including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia trying to submit their adorable little child(ren) photos for a chance to be the next Gerber baby.

Who can blame them?

It's not just the huge money and prizes when it come to the Gerber's baby photo contest.

What's Really Making This Gerber Baby Photo Contest Standouts From the Rest?

Other baby photo contests cannot even begin to compare with the Gerber baby contest.

The fact that the Gerber contest winners get such huge coverage and the opportunity to be feature on Gerber's ads and commercials, that's in itself worth more than any money can buy.

Now that's what we're talking about — showing off your baby to the world. With the helps of social media today, it's inevitable that your child will be famous.

The Winners & Prizes:

Beside all the social media posts, just take a look at all the Gerber babies making headlines.

Gerber baby Grace making headlines.
Gerber baby Isla making headlines.
Gerber baby Riley making headlines.

NOTE: All Grand Prize Winners get to be name the Gerber Baby and opportunity to be feature on Gerber's ads, commercials and more.

By looking at the table above you can see that Gerber made changes almost every year regarding awards and prizes.

But, that's not all.

All the changes with Gerber baby contests over the years.

Gerber also made changes regarding when the contest starts, ends, voting period, judging period, and even the contest name could be call by a theme for that year.

A good example is the 2017 contest. We didn't included it in the graphic above because Gerber made some major changes to it. It needs it's own.

2017 Gerber contest submission period.
2017 Gerber contest judging period.

Gerber always managed to surprised us in the past — not knowing the exact date when it will start.

This is why we suggest you subscribe to join our "Free Baby Stuff" newsletter. We email out announcements, giveaways, and especially updates on the PHOTO SEARCH.

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Make sure you subscribed before moving on to the rules.

The Rules and Q&A:

We've been archiving these Gerber contest rules for our readers all these years. So, it's best to always check the Gerber contest official rules.

But on this section of the page, we'll do our best to answer and summarize the contest rules based on the past Gerber contests.

  • When does the contest start?

    The contest usually start sometime in the fall.

  • When is the contest deadline?

    The contest deadline usually about about 3-5 weeks after submission started.

  • When are the contest winners be announce?

    Winners of the contest usually announce sometime in the beginning of the following year, toward mid-end of January.

  • How to enter the PHOTO SEARCH contest?

    In the past, Gerber have utilized Facebook, Instagram, Eprize.com, and also their very own website for participants to submit baby photos to the PHOTO SEARCH.

  • What type of photo(s) can be submit to the contest?

    Photographs by PAID professional photographers will be disqualified.

  • Who can participate in the Gerber contest?

    Participant must be a legal resident of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico or District of Columbia, at least 18 years of age or older, and finally a legal guardian of the child or children in the photo.

  • What can participants in these contests win?

    If win, there are many rewards including cash prizes as well. (Please see The Winners & Prizes)

  • Does it matter to Gerber when the photo(s) was taken?

    Only photos that are taken no more than 30 days prior to submission will be accepted. Anything over 30 days are disqualified.

  • What is the age requirement?

    The child in the photos must be from 1 day old to 48 month old at the same of submitting the photos.

  • Do the winners have to pay taxes on their winnings?

    Yes, winners are to pay taxes according to the state of residence. Gerber may or may not provide the cash for that depending of the term for that year.

  • If the participants have two babies within the required ages can both be participate in the Gerber contest?

    Yes, just don't submit a photo of the two babies in one photo unless they are twins.

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