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9 Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Cooperate With the Camera (Baby Photo Contest Tips)

Do you want your baby to pose for your camera? If your answer is yes, then you're in for a real treat. We're about to give you 9 tips that will get your baby to cooperate with the camera.

A baby is posing for the camera waiting for picture to be taken.

You want amazing photos of your baby, but first you have to get your little one to cooperate during the photo sessions.

Here are a few reasons for having amazingly cute baby photos.

  • You can always share them on Social Media like, your Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, etc.
  • If you're a private and old fashion person then you can always hang it on your walls.
  • You can of course have it in your photo albums for years to come.
  • If anything, do it for the precious memories. Your baby is only a baby once and when it gone, it's gone!
  • The above are common reasons why people take pictures, here's one that not exactly common. How about using those amazing photos to enter a baby photo contest?

It's a good idea to consider your purpose when taking photos. Not all reasons are equal.

Because our website is about baby contests, we intended to focus more on taking awesome photos for baby contests.

If you don't plan ahead then you're just leaving it to chance and maybe you'll get lucky enough to have a winning photo. But why leave it to chance?

Take control of the outcome by being a little creative and plan ahead.

SIDENOTE. Babies and Toddlers are a world apart when it comes to taking picture. Toddlers can at least communicate  with simple words, unlike their younger days. And of course in their first month or two they're mostly sleeping.

These tips are not for teaching your baby how to communicate, but to cooperate with you in order to take the best possible pictures of them.

Tip #1: Making Noise Behind the Camera

This is a great way to get your baby to look at the camera. Baby contest judges love to see nice clear face shots of babies. When babies look at the camera the photos usually capture the communication of their eyes.

This is how baby photos communicate with judges most of the time.

Making some kind of noise or sound behind the camera can get your baby to look at the camera.

Don't think it about the sound too much. A simple "hello" will work just fine.

Like, "helloooo".

Saying hello behind the camera to get baby attention.

Try whatever works with your baby.

They may not understand what they hear but they are definitely curious about sounds.

Tip #2: Object Behind the Camera

Yes, this is also a great way to get your baby to look toward the camera. Remember, because they don't communicate much with words, they are very visual.

Use an object like your baby's favorite toy or anything that may interest your baby.

You may want to hold your baby's favorite object behind the camera just make sure it is visible to your baby. Make some movements like shaking it enough to get your baby attention.

Object behind the camera to get baby attention that great baby photo.

And of course combine this with tip #1 (making noise).

Tip #3: Don't Expect Too Much

You got to understand there are things that your baby is not able to do yet. But don't worry, you can still get amazing photos.

Example: Positioning.

If your baby is not capable of sitting upright, don't force them. Instead lay your child on their back or stomach whichever most comfortable.

Every stage of baby developments are valuable.

Baby photo contest judges love them at all development stages.

So this tip is really for you to know your baby and cooperate with them. If you don't expect too much and just have fun then your baby will do the same. Fun for everyone.

When you cooperate with understanding then your baby will most likely cooperate with you and your camera.

Tip #4: Timing is Everything

Know the best time for your baby. Pick a time when you know that your baby is most alert and cheerful. Only you can figure this part out, because like adults, babies have their favorite time of the day as well.

Example: Maybe your baby is more alert after breastfeeding. If that's the case then set that time aside for the photo shoot.

A clock with best time for baby photo.

Don't over complicate this or over think it. There's never a perfect timing. Just pick the best time and start.

Tip #5: Involve a Helper or a Partner

You might not able to operate the camera while doing all the entertaining stuff to get your baby's attention directed toward the camera.

It's nice to have a helper — maybe your child's sibling, your spouse, a friend, or even a neighbor.

If it is possible to get help from your spouse or your baby's sibling then it's perfect. Think of it as a family activity.

Picture of dogs, cats and mice as camera helpers.

Tip #6: Clear of Distraction

Make sure there are no other objects around distracting your baby from the camera. The only object that should get your baby attention is the one that use in tip #2.

Although, you might be tempted to add props around your baby—that can be a big distraction.

For the majority of baby photo contests you don't really need props. Only use them it if it's required for contest theme.

It's always better to have fewer objects around because the real focus should be only your baby. That's what the judges want to see, a clear photo of your baby. Almost all of the time, those are the winning photos.

Tip #7: Making Weird Sounds

So getting your baby to look at the camera was pretty simple—making noise behind the camera (tip #1). Now you're going to add something to it. You're not only going to get your baby's attention, but are also trying to get a smile or laugh as well.

To do this, you're going to make some weird or funny sounds. Example, some babies love to laugh when they hear a farting-like sound.

You just have to find the right sound for your baby.

Tip #8: Environment and Surrounding

This is important. It's not only about limiting distractions but you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible with their surrounding.

For example, you don't want your baby to be somewhere that's too hot. You're not going to get a cooperating baby if they're uncomfortable.

Avoid: heat, too much noise or loud noises, too many people, anything including a pet that might make them uncomfortable, etc.

And finally:

Tip #9: Peek-A-Boo

This is a classic, but peek-a-boo always seems to work with most babies. If this works with your baby then you'll see how this little trick will keep them so focused glued to you and your camera.

Little boy peek a boo

It's an old trick, but it works.

Start Taking Pictures Today

Ready to give these tips a shot? Don't wait! Just do it.

Every baby is different. These 9 tips can all work for your baby or maybe just a few of the nine. Try it out with your baby and see which ones work best.

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