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The Cutest Baby Contest Competitions

Is there any parent that doesn't think their child is the cutest baby in the world?

Here's one of the cutest babies, the original Gerber baby.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

As most of us have heard that saying at some point in our lives. Nothing could be more true than when we're talking parents and how they feel their babies.

In every parent's eyes their baby is the cutest, most beautiful, most adorable, and simply a gift from God.

There's no need for a cutest baby contest to tell parents how they already feel about their cute babies.

So why are there so many cute baby contests or any such contests available—from a simple photo contest to a full blown beauty pageant and baby competition?

cutest kid contest

Behind these very competitive baby contests, there are plenty of horror stories.

Some of the things parents put their kids through just to win a baby competition is no longer just cute friendly baby contest.

We hope you don't fall into this trap of competitiveness baby competition.

We just want to remind everyone to keep in mind that these baby contests and any other contests should be healthy, friendly competition and treated as an activity to do with your baby.

The experience itself and time spend with your baby is the ultimate reward.

You and your baby are winners already, just for participating.

If you ever get stress, too much pressure or burning out when you're participating in such a competitive baby contest then remind yourself with 3 tips.

3 Tips to Take the Pressure off The Baby Contest

Take A Break. Especially if you're doing a photo session with your baby. Kids are very active and unpredictable. They might not do what you want them to do. Be patient. There's always tomorrow or wait for a 15 or 30 minutes break in between.

The Experience Itself. While or during your break, remind yourself that it's the experience and time spend with your baby is what's importance. Winning or not, you got to spend time with your child and the activity itself is fun.

Smile and Laugh. Yes, it's okay to be silly. Your baby could be very silly or not cooperate with you and the camera. You just have to laugh because it's natural for them to be like that. And those are actually the winning shots as most baby photo contests are looking for these natural look. Read more on this.

It's worth mentioning that there are parents with kids that moved on from a little baby photo contest to making it into a career.

They end up pursuing a career in baby modeling, filming, TV commercials, movies, and more.

We going to share with you 2 contests and a possible baby modeling and filming opportunity for those who are interested in possible future in turning their baby into a star.

Lets start with the most popular and famous, the Gerber baby contest. This is an annual photo contest that Gerber the baby products company launched back in 2010 in honored of the original Gerber baby.

Who was the original Gerber baby?

Each year since then, there has been many grand prize winners that took home $50,000 cash, prizes, and opportunity to feature in ads, magazine and commercials. There are also milestone category winners too so you have more opportunity to win. Learn more about the Gerber Photo Search.

One of the downside about the Gerber baby photo contest is that it's an annual contest. That means it only happen once a year. You will have to wait for the next Gerber baby contest to launch to submit your baby photo.

That leads us to our next our favorite contest, the CuteKid contest.

While Gerber's baby contest runs only once a year in compare the CuteKid is a monthly babies and kids contest for ages 0-12 years. There are winners each month and the cutest kid of the year will take the grand prize of $25,000.

cutest kid contest

Some of these children who won also ended up in Huggies, Pampers, Parents, and Disney. What a great way to get your child in modeling and entertainment with only a simple photo submission.

Another plus to the CuteKid where Gerber's contests don't allowed professional photos, CuteKid does. Learn more and enter today.

Warning: If you're going to enter any of these contests then there's one thing you should know.

A Fair Warning About Baby Photo Contests

It's not that bad but it's something that you need to know just in case you might run into situations like these.

There's a story back in 2010 where Cheerios have a photo contest. The grand prize was $10,000 in college fund. Parents entered their kids in the contest. One particular kid, Charlie was a runner-up and won a year of Cheerios. Which was great right? Even though it's not the grand prize but better than not winning at all.

Well, the parent later got a called and that told them that General Mills will be using the image for a new campaign that they were launching. And so they did. It was on Facebook, Cheerios' box and so on.

So the complaint was that they parent was told and was "not asked" for permission to use the image. And of course there is no royalty for the image.

When you submit these photos, you are signing away your rights of the image to these companies that held these contests. They might use that photographs for any purpose they shall choose.

This is one of the reasons why most of these photo contests don't allowed or prefer not to have professional photographs.

In our opinion, we think it's not a big deal. But some people might have a issue with it and it's good to know your rights or what rights you gave up once you submitted a baby photo. We don't see anything wrong with not getting paid but in returned getting famous, at least for awhile your baby will be the star at family's gatherings. Beside, we think it's a great story to tell years to come.

You have the cutest baby and maybe your baby got what it takes to take things beyond just a photo contest. Winning a baby contest and getting the cash prize and prizes are great but, how about making it into a career?

Perhaps, kid filming or baby modeling?

If that's something you're interested in then consider KidsCasting. They have casting directors post casting calls on their website all the time. And you can apply for your child(ren). You must create a profile for your baby and once done you then can apply for the casting calls. Create a Portfolio and Join Today.


These contests are for fun for you and your baby. Activities like these are the magic; you got the cutest baby no matter what win or didn't win. Join or submit a photo to any of the contests or casting call we mentioned and enjoy the moment.

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