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The 2019 GERBER BABY CONTEST by GERBER and How to Enter - Free Email Alerts

"When does Gerber baby contest start for 2019?"

We recently got that inquiry from one of our visitors. And winners of the 2018 Gerber Photo Search has not even announce yet.

Update: 2018 Gerber Baby Contest Winner was announced Feb. 26, 2019

That goes to tell you how popular the Gerber baby contest really is. It's most likely will be the hottest free baby contest of 2019.

Of course you don't need us to tell you that. You know and are here to find out the rules, details, and learn more of the GERBER PHOTO SEARCH as well.

Join the Cute Kid contest today.

Although 2019 contest has not started yet but we can give you enough information to get you prepared for it when Gerber is on the next search for the new Gerber baby.

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Contest rules that you need to know.

What You Need to Know About the Gerber Baby Contest 2019

A few things you should know about this coming 2019 Gerber Baby Contest, assuming it will be very similar to 2018 and the past few years.

  • Grand prize winner will be awards a $50,000 cash prize in a form of a check. Winner will also have opportunity to be feature in Gerber ads and commercials and more.
  • How to enter? In the past two years Gerber has been utilizing Instagram to enter the Gerber baby contest. You simply upload your baby photos on Instagram with the hashtag #GerberPhotoSearch2018. That was 2018 Gerber baby photo contest. But 2019 could be different so be sure to check with official rules when contest announced.
  • You can upload up to 10 different photos per child.
  • To participate and be illegible in this contest you must be at least 18 years of age, legal guardian of the child in the photos, and a legal resident of the 50 United States,  Washington D.C., or Puerto Rico.
  • To be qualified for contest your child must be the age of 1 day to 48 months old.
  • There are not signup or purchase required to enter. Entry for the contest is absolutely free.
Rules that can disqualified from contest.

Some things to be aware of or you can be disqualified from the Gerber baby contest.

  • Don't collage your pictures. Another word, don't use more than 1 pictures to make into one image.
  • No naked picture. Child must be clothed at least with a diaper.
  • Cannot utilize multiple Instagram accounts to enter.
  • Cannot submit photos that are taken more than 30 days prior to submission.
  • Cannot pay professional photographer.

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Disqualified photos that entered the Gerber baby contest 2018.

We pulled the above images from Instagram with #gerberphotosearch2018. This is a good example of disqualified photos that entered the Gerber baby contest.

How Gerber Baby Contest Works?

This is how the contest usually work. Gerber will announced the contest sometime in the fall 2019. There will be a photo submission period follow by a judging period.

Then in the beginning of 2020, most likely mid to end of January is when the official winners will be announced by Gerber. The grand prize winner will be named the new Gerber baby.

The Gerber baby contest is an annually baby photo contest so its only happen once a year. Don't miss the deadline to submit your baby's photos.

Two things that we recommend you do.

  1. Stay alert for the launch.
  2. There's a contest that we recommend.

While we recommend you to stay alert of the Gerber contest launch but we don't recommend checking everyday. That's just not productive.

Here's a solution:

We have been emailing thousands of subscribers each year informing them of the next contests and updates, the service is completely free. Join the thousands today.

Signup by filling out the form below and hit that "JOIN" button.

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Gerber PHOTO SEARCH is an annual contest which runs only once a year. This is why we recommend another baby photo contest while you're waiting or have a cute baby photo could go to waste.

Go to waste? Yes... go to waste.

As the Gerber baby contest official rules stated for many years now, photos that are taken more than 30 days before submission are disqualified.

So if you have a cute baby photo that you want to enter the contest then it could be disqualified by the time Gerber launched the baby contest.

Here's a cute baby contest that you can join now and they allowed professional baby photos too which Gerber baby photo contest does not.

Submit a Photo

The Cute Kid contest an all year long kid and baby photo contest with winners announced each month.

And grand prize of $25,000* college fund for CuteKid of the year, plus modeling opportunities and get discovered by Disney, Huggies, Pampers, and Parents as some of the past CuteKids had been seen.

This is an excellent opportunity to join to get some experiences under your belt if you have not enter a baby photo contest online before. The Cute Kid contest is free for their "People Choice" category. You can start from there.

Submit a Photo

The Gerber baby contest is the biggest and most popular baby photo contest around. Many parents are dying to have their baby wins. You should take the time to learn as much as you can about this baby contest including past winning photos. It will give you great insight to what type of photos melt the contest judges hearts.

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